July 06, 2007

Zillow - sorry but your Firefox is not supported

Just got this message rfom the Zillow website.. too bad but I guess they don't support firefox yet.. strange! I had no choice as for some weird reson my IE has been totally hosed-up all week. Just grabbed IE 7 and its giving up bizzarre messages. Boy that Mac PowerBook is sure looking good.. maybe I'll try Opera next!

Well, after getting a swift response from zillow looks like all is cool.. see below zillow as viewed using firefox


David G from Zillow.com said...

Hey Glenn, it's David from Zillow.

What version of Firefox are you running? We support Firefox 1.5 and 2.0.

James Fee said...

I'm curious where you are. I've been using FF on Zillow for quite some time and have not noticed that message.

I will say a MacBook won't be much help as Safari has less support than FF.

Glenn said...

hi David and thanks.. I'm just grabbing the latest.. -