August 14, 2007

AAA mobile now available to Sprint customers

Today via webcast, non-profit AAA announced the launch of AAA mobile.. a mobile service designed by Networks in Motion (NIM) to bring AA membership services to the handsets of users... don't freak out though, unless your a Sprint customer you'll have to wait. Simply put, the service is available as a pay-per use monthly subscription from carriers (Sprint in this case). For about $9 a month users can download the application and get up and running - the service is supported currently on 9 Sprint devices (see carrier for details). AAA currently has more than 50 million members, some 85% of them owning wireless devices (most have atleast 2 in their family) no word on how many are on Sprint. The application will first and foremost provide AAA services to users... turn-by-turn navigation, POI search, emergency roadside assistance (imagine, your location is automatically sent to the operator when you call in a flat or other emergency situation), and travel service discount bookings. Safety is a big concern for users of the service so AAA has incorporated voice-enabled navigation so users can listen to directions rather than trying to fumble through the UI while driving.. makes sense. More on this LBS service available from

Once again, the service is tied to Sprint customers but hopefully we'll see more activity from other carriers soon. Reps from NIM have stated that the application will run on CDMA and GSM devices. See also

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