August 08, 2007

The aging infrastructure - New York as an example

Consolidated Edison (Con Ed) New York's recent issues are a fine example of how managing our critical infrastructure is so crucial... and a testament to the state of the aging infrustructure and management of that resource in many cities around the country. From a news report about a recent NY Con Ed pipe burst, "The blast swallowed a truck, severely burned two people, blew out hundreds of windows and sprayed asbestos-tainted mud all over the street. Dozens of people were cut by falling debris, and one woman died of a heart attack while fleeing." And then there's also the topic of bridge construction and the safety of commuters around the country... Speaking of infrastructure, recall that GITA has renamed their annual event (was simply GITA conference) to the Geospatial Infrastructure Solutions Conference - likely a good indication of the direction geospatial technology solution providers are headed. For more on GITA event see - info Con Ed news see here

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