August 21, 2007

Embed your Google map (MyMap) into your blog, or website with youtube-ish ease!

Another cool tidbit today out of the Google camp is embeddable maps in your blog.. think embed a youtube video into your blog and you'll know what I mean. Google has made it way simple to now embed your custom google maps (MyMaps) into your website. Simply open a map, click the "link to this page" link (upper right), copy the code, then embed into your map! Screenshot of this is below and the actual embedded map is provided at the bottom.. way cool.. thanks Google Maps team!

Embedding your google map is now a breeze, with youTube embed-like functionality!

See my Google MyMap below! Note: I've altered the default size

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gscelta said...

The web team here at Peace Action West just launched - it's a google mashup of nuclear development, testing and dump sites in the US. You can also click through and take action to stop funding for more nuclear development.

Thought it would make some interesting news for AnyGeo.

There's a screenshot here: