August 08, 2007

GISuser Today Aug 8 - Autodesk FreeWheel, Garmin, Google Earth, Maps in Apps

From today's GISuser Today... Have you heard about Tele Atlas Maps In Your Apps 2007? This contest is for consumer and business applications that are not LBS focused, but include mapping or location as a functionality enhancement - You could walk away with $25K... registration closes September 23rd, 2007. Speaking of LBS and mobile apps... Garmin has made a ton of announcements today including details of the launch of the new Triton handheld series of devices - see LBSzone for more on this. Also cool is work of the new GadgetTrak technology that enables mobile device users to track and safeguard the security of valuable devices... ever had a laptop, PDA, or cell phone ripped off along with all your valuable data?? In today's business news, Colorado-based SANZ has sold off their EarthWhere business unit to Delaware-based SPADAC. Google has announced more street view imagery, including data for Orlando, San Diego, L.A. and Houston... now you can show your family all those cool and fun places you visit in San Diego at the annual ESRI UC - hey, I think I saw myself on the patio at Dick's! Finally, under the category of blogging, I've added a number of interesting threads including more on Nanaimo's Google Earth accolades, details of Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth, and a cool new collaboration solution from Autodesk - Project Freewheel 3D/2D ShareNow from Autodesk . There's TONS of new site additions so be sure to take a few minutes and check out all the new stories. For complete details on these and many other Geo tech news items see the newsletter for Aug 8, 2007 - now archived at


Anonymous said...

Is it not silly to post in your blog about stuff in your blog?

noisycity said...

I added here some amazing Street View from the last update (08/2007).

Glenn said...

maybe, but what the hell, its MY blog where I post things of interest to me as well as ocasionally updates of promos about what's new at, particularly when there's loads of cool, interesting news (like today) ! Actually FYI, THIS is the blog, is NOT a blog its a GIS news/technology portal. Finally, isn't it silly to post silly complaints as anonymous.. nobody will ever take you serious... later!