August 15, 2007

Ibiseye tracking Hurricane Erin - Hurricane map mashup

ibiseye provides real-time hurricane reports and updates to the user.Using the app the user can toggle on/off a satellite image backdrop and also display storm models (ie. possible tracks). Under the topic of very useful, clikc the news link tab and links to headlines from a number of useful sources are at yoru fingertips... updates from the NHHC, local news agencies, and weather underground. Links are also provided to recent alerts.
The following information was recently reported from the app:
Data Time:2007-Aug-15 1130 EDT Lat/Lng:Lat: 25.6 Lng: 93.500 Wind Speed:40 (sustained) 52 (gusts) mph Pressure:1005 mb Category:TS
Heading:West Bearing:-77 degrees Forward Speed:10 mph Hurricane Radius:0 miles Tropical Radius:60 miles
More about IbisEye - Perhaps the most ambitious feature of the site is the IBISEYE Risk Estimator, which approximates the value of the property in the path of any storm since 1960 should the storm hit today. (All hurricanes between 1851 and 2005 can be plotted on a map.) See for details.
The app is best used with Firefox according to the developers - see

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Aaron VanWieren said...

Wow, that is an incredibly useful tool. This is possibly one of the best user interfaces I have ever seen built with the Google API. Roughly how long did it take them to create this site? It would be interesting to find out more about the development of the effort.

Really cool stuff!!

Aaron W. VanWieren