August 01, 2007

Interstate 35 (I35) Minneapolis Google Maps

I was just looking around on Google Maps to see exactly where the bridge is located that collapsed this evening in Minneapolis. Interesting to see that its actually the main interstate route into the city core - you can see the Metrodome just west of the location where the bridge crossed the Mississippi. Below are images as seen on Google maps.. the traffic map appears grayed out:

Indeed, what a terrible tragedy!


Fritz said...

Interestingly, Google has yet to update the routing information. MapQuest and Yahoo updated their maps almost immediately.

Anonymous said...

And now that the new bridge is in use (Thursday, 9/18, 5:00am), only Mapquest has updated. I'm starting to have renewed appreciation for their service.

Glenn The GISuser said...

I guess its the luck of the draw depending on who the service providers (yahoo!, Microsoft, Mapquest, google maps) have agreements with to provide the imagery. Mapquest may have current data here where google has more current aerials in other places... its all hit or miss - I'd hardly jump on the mapquest bandwagon simply for this. If you want way cool imagery and great obliques etc... you meed to look at Microsofts Live Search and maps