August 16, 2007

A little help on Geotagging N95 photos with GPS info in EXIF

A little help from any Nokia N95 users out there?? I've been dabbling a bit with the N95 trying to get geolocation elements associated with photos... sureley this has to be the most desired feature of this phone! Apparently Shozu does indeed support this functionality, however, I can't seem to get GPS coordinates written to the EXIF associated with images. Does Shozu do this to anyone's knowledge?? I've tried getting a gPS fix, then snapping images, however, no GPS coords seem to be getting tagged to the image. Can anyone shed a bit of light on this for me? I found this statement on the Shozu forum... "I've added putting the GPS data into the EXIF of JPEGs as a possible future feature for ShoZu" so I have to assume that its not currently doable. " Source: Forum post titled "Nokia N95 - GPS Support?"
Kudos to Stefan over at Ogle earth blog for a great write-up on his experiences tagging his photos from a recent mountain trek. He goes to great lengths describing how he tags his images, uploads to flickr, then streams to Google earth.


Mapperz said...

Shozu does geo-reference the image in the header. This is uploaded to flickr and then can be linked to Google Earth with the new function of flickr to kml


Mapperz said...

just posted

sorry for the double posting...


Glenn said...

ya I know although it doesn't seem to be working! I've enabled shozu to tag with GPS info (via the shozu setup options) and I've also instructed flickr to include all the eXIF info into the photos.. still nothing! I'll keep trying as there must be something I've missed! I'll try running Sports Tracker to invoke the GPS and then snap a photo.

ZNO said...

Shozu seems to only add Tags with the lat/long info rather than EXIF .. would like to sort this one myself.