August 16, 2007

Mapisimo... Who On Earth - buy your property before its too late

Have you seen this new social mapping application... Mapisimo... tagline "Who On Earth"? Users can "buy" 2 places - each being about the size of 4 tennis courts. Then you can shout out, add a photo or ?? on your "property". I'm still waiting on my email to activate the account.. perhaps then I can figure out exactly why I would want to use yet another social networking app! See

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Anonymous said...

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Hello, Glenn,
I am Andy Worms, from the Mapisimo team. I am glad that you choose to write on us in your blog Anygeo.

I understand that you did not receive a confirmation email. This is one of our first lessons in the public email: sending email is not easy, it gets rejected and/or trapped in spam filters.

However, users that use gmail or hotmail accounts are receiving their confirmation email and completing the registration procedure. If you have one such account you can register again using it. So can do the readers of your blog who did not receive their confirmation email.

I apologize for the problems experienced. We are working to fix that and other issues the site has.

If you have more questions send me an email to