August 31, 2007

N95 Hits North America - we get the N95 lite!

As I suggested earlier this week, the Nokia N95 GPS-enabled multi-media computer (aka. smartphone) has been officially launched in the US - eventhough there's quite a few already in use. What's really weird is that North American users get the "lite" version.. think of it as the spanky device but with training wheels! While everyone else over the pond is being told about the 8GB N95 we get the 1GB standard version here... I guess North American's don't need the cooler looking version whith a whackin pant-load of memory... too bad! Nonetheless, if you want GPS-enabled mobile communication then Check out the N95. You get A-GPS, radio, awesome MP3 player, Nokia MAps app, a great web browsing experience, 5MP camera, video, loads of apps, and more. See for more info - for N95 news and updates see here - see N95 photos and related images HERE


Mars Sjoden said...

wow, thanks for the photos. Looks like quite the tangle of stuff with that N95. Good to hear someone likes it. I'm still waiting for a decent All purpose CellPhone that is clean and easy to use. Fat chance of that hey! lol.

ArcVancouver said...

Any idea who will be the carrier for this phone? Bell, Rogers, or Telus?

I'd love to hold out for this phone if I could.

Glenn said...

sounds like your in Canada so you should see Rogers as they are the main GSM carrier there - they carry most of the cool nokia GSM phones