August 27, 2007

Pipeline Field Data Collection Seminars (Houston, Denver)

I heard from Glenn over at Spatial Data Technologies (SDT) here in Fort Collins, CO - the company, along with ESRI and Trimble, will host a seminar series focused on complete field data collection solutions specifically addressing the problems and challenges faced by field data collectors in the oil and gas industry. Seminars will be hosted in Houston, Texas on
September 5, 2007 and Westminster, Colorado on September 11, 2007. About the event... Attendees will learn about the complete data life cycle as it relates to oil and gas asset management, how to interface with an enterprise geodatabase, the value of structured data collection using SDT’s CartoPac Enterprise software solution, hardware to collect highly accurate GPS data, automated GPS data post processing and streamlining the data flow from the field back to the enterprise database. For more info see

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