August 07, 2007

Q and A: Where can I obtain VMAP data? Here's a tip

This is a common one.. today I got a common request from a reader.. "where can I obtain VMap data? My response which may help some of you asking the same thing:

See the following:
VMAP1 and other global datasets are available from the NGA Raster Roam -
To access VMAP1 data see

see also these useful help docs:
Free Download of VMAP1 - Vector Smart Map FTP links

The search on GISuser yields some great results and you can try this custom Google GIS Data search DB that I developed

I would urge you to be careful buying this data online as most commercial resellers simply download from these FTP sites, cut to a CD / DVD and send to you.. save your $$. There's many online sources of these data but these tips should get you started and atleast pointed in the right direction.

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