September 18, 2007

Convert your SHP and other GIS data to GeoRSS with BRIGHTi GeoFeeder

Bright Solutions has recently released a new product called BRIGHTi GeoFeeder. This handy application converts traditional GIS format files to GeoRSS.

1. Convert to all variations of GeoRSS formats including RSS, ATOM and Simple, GML, and W3C encodings.
2. Works with the following formats/extensions: .kml, .kmz, .gml, .shp, .mif, .dxf
3. Convert vector data (points, lines and polygons) to GeoRSS
4. Map feature attributes to GeoRSS attributes
5. Specify multiple attributes for or elements
6. Displays all features on a Virtual Earth map
7. Browse features and attributes
8. Zoom and pan

BRIGHTi GeoFeeder can convert vector data (points, lines and polygons) from ESRI, Google, MapInfo, Autodesk, and GML file formats to GeoRSS xml. GeoRSS is the current defacto standard for web mapping. Microsoft Virtual Earth, Google Maps and Yahoo Maps accept GeoRSS. A 30 day evaluation is available for free download - limits conversion to 50 points or 25 polygons and polylines. See

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