September 24, 2007

IronKey secure USB flash drive - for sensitive government, military and enterprise networks

Here's something cool for those of you that pack data and sensitive docs around on a USB drive... IronKey: Enterprise Special Edition, a secure flash drive designed for use on sensitive government, military and enterprise networks. Some of the featrues include:
- Hardware-Encrypted USB Flash Drive: With its strong hardware AES cryptography and authentication, there is no need to install additional hardware, software or drivers.
- No Administrator Privileges Needed: Unlike many other encryption products, the IronKey does not require Administrator privileges on Windows XP or Vista.
- Designed for Enterprise Networks: The IronKey performs dynamic drive letter mapping for use in enterprise environments with network-mapped drives.
- Tamper-Resistant and Waterproof: The IronKey is designed so that it cannot be physically tampered with or disassembled by a determined hacker. The IronKey has also tested, passed, and exceeded military waterproof standards (MIL-STD-810F).
- Easy to Inventory: Each IronKey has a unique, easy-to-read serial number, making it easy for IT managers to inventory the devices.
- Assists in Regulatory Compliance: The IronKey helps organizations meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and GLBA.
- Rugged and Durable: Unlike plastic USB drives, the IronKey’s rugged metal casing is filled solid with epoxy, making it both tamperproof and waterproof.

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Anonymous said...

Without administrative privileges required, and not ability to control from a central IT loaction, this oesn't seem to address the government's concerns with Flash Drives used by employees.

Or am I off?