September 05, 2007 Release 8.00 Goes on Sale

Manifold, likely one of the cheapest and most powerful GIS systems you'll find has just announced the release of release 8. Interesting that after all these years there is still virtually NO marketing at all so unless you linger around on a manifold discussion list or perhaps sniff around a group where ":Dimitri" lurks - posting thoise infamous 10 page long threads promoting/defending the product - you likely haven't heard about this release!
From the company... The new release provides revolutionary increases in speed, spatial database capacity, integration with legacy geodatabases, a host of "crowd-pleaser" user interface improvements and the world's first GIS to run at teraflop supercomputer speed on the desktop using massively parallel computing - all delivered with famous, bullet-proof Manifold quality, the most reliable GIS ever!
And the sales pitch... Limited Time Release 8.00 Upgrade Offer -- Free Upgrades for Recent Purchases: If you have licensed Manifold on or after 1 August 2007 you will receive a free upgrade of your 7x serial number to an 8.00 serial number. Your 7x serial number will be revoked and a new 8.00 serial number will be emailed to you at the email address you used for your 7x order. Do not order the upgrade product mentioned on this page, as you will receive it at no charge automatically by 7 September 2007. Manifold 7x licensees whose orders were processed on or before 31 July 2007 will not receive a free upgrade and should take advantage of the discounted upgrade offer.  See

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