September 20, 2007

New location-based services newsletter - LBSzone Alert

Did you happen to catch Volume #1 of the new LBSzone Alert weekly newsletter the other day? We've spun-off a weekly update to our newsletter offerings to now include a blast that's focused on mobile technologies and, more specifically, location-based services (LBS). As many of you know, LBSzone has been around for several years now (the site actually was developed pre-GISuser), however, we've been waiting for just the right time to launch our electronic update focused on location-based services (LBS)... that time is NOW! See Volume #1 Of LBSZone Alert HERE or Register to receive the LBSzone Alert HERE - if you're already receiving our Spatial Media GISuser Today newsletter then you also received the LBSzone Alert. Feel free to send your LBS related questions, tips, news or ?? our way and we'll be glad to give you a plug. Topics of interest on LBSzone include positioning solutions and hardware, social networking, mobile games, application developer tools, SDKs and developer programs, navigation, wireless technologies, smartphone developments (ie. Nokia N95), mobile operating systems, advances in GPS, mobile GIS, etc... See

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