September 21, 2007

New York City Cabbies view their route as being proprietary information - the GPS battle

The New York city cabbie VS GPS battle continues. Now it appears that cabbies in the Big Apple are fearful that their privacy is being invaded and also that the GPS will be giving away their trade secrets.. apparently the direction one takes between point A and B is a precious trade secret to these guys.. amazing! You can't help but wonder if its simply that cabbies don't want a record that they are taking their customers on a wild goose chase in an effort to get that meter ticking (no that never happens does it??). Also a surprise that the cabbies don't view the GPS as being a potential life saver, perhaps providing useful directions when an obstacle gets in their way (like an accident) or maybe even providing their location when they are being robbed or abducted. According to an article in Business Week, the cabbies actually view their route as being proprietary information! Ohmygowhatnext! See

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