September 14, 2007

No more cell phones for California teen drivers

No more cell phones for California teens while driving. What a great effort being put forward in California. I'm not sure why it only applies to teen drivers but its a great start. The new law comes into effect next year. I have to wonder when the ban on applying make-up will come into effect... just the other day I was driving beside a young woman who was doing about 70 mph on I-25 and applying makeup... scary stuff! What's interesting about the cell phone issue is why aren't more people using hands-free? Given the large price people pay for cell phone plans perhaps shipping devices with a Bluetooth earpiece would encourage more use. Many devices come with hands-free attachments (cables), however, very few people actually make the effort to use these supported peripherals. What's your take... should more States adopt no-cell phone use laws for drivers?

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