September 26, 2007

Support for a competitive baseball team on the Colorado Front Range

Given that the Northern Colorado area and Front Range is a hotbed for geospatial technologies (and baseball!), I thought there might be some of you out there interested in supporting a competitive minor league (13 yr old) baseball team during the 2008 season. Some details... The club is a 13-year-old competitive baseball team affiliated with the Fort Collins Baseball Club. The team is made up of 11 enthusiastic and committed young men who love the game of baseball, and will be playing in tournaments state-wide during the 2008 season - this is a tournament travel team. The team are seeking corporate sponsorships (starting at $100) to help offset the cost to the families on the team. Your contribution to the team is fully tax deductible through the Baseball Club and their 501 C3 non-profit status. Additionally, anyone interested in contributing, I'll also provide you with some value added promotion via GISuser that is valued at at least the amount of your contribution... you'll also receive recognition and promotion directly from the club (banners etc...) feel free to ping me (glenn at for more info... Play Ball!

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