September 25, 2007

Tele Atlas Announces launch of 3D features for LBS apps

This out of Tele Atlas as the company rolls out highly detailed Tele Atlas 3D landmarks and elevation models. According to the company, developers can add recognizable building representations that enhance screen images in in-car and portable navigation systems. Also, the 3D content enables local search applications on mobile devices to more closely match what users actually see in their surroundings. The company says they will make available more than 400 detailed 3D (three dimensional) landmarks of notable North American structures for use in navigation devices and location-based applications. Currently, Tele Atlas 3D landmarks in North America are available for more than 400 structures in 14 major U.S. and Canadian cities including: Boston, Chicago, Milwaukee, New York, Toronto and Washington, D.C., with images spanning from the legendary Fenway Park in Boston to the historical Washington Monument in D.C. See below for images of Maple Leafs Garden (Toronto) and General Motors Building (Detroit)

GM Building, Detroit

Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto

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