October 17, 2007

Apple unveiling a SDK for iPhone application developers

Apple announced today its unveiling a SDK in February to allow the development of native third-party Applications on the iPhone McAfee comments on a move to create a developer framework for the iPhone... I received this from McAfee today... McAfee has not yet seen any attacks created specifically for the iPhone. However, history has shown that product success draws in attackers. At McAfee, we've been dealing with cyberattacks for almost 20 years. "Apple opening up the iPhone and iPod Touch is great news, promising a richer user experience and additional innovation," said Jan Volzke, head of global marketing at McAfee Mobile. "We're glad that Apple acknowledges the risk of mobile attacks. Just like Apple we want to make sure users are protected from malware and privacy attacks." According to the labs, the iPhone SDK to include security in it's design - more on this can be found over at www.avertlabs.com

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