October 02, 2007

The GISP and the press release??

When will the fluffy "press" ever stop? I hate to rant but come on... a company issuing a "press release" about a GIS Analyst who obtained a GISP designation??? I get dozens of PR items sent to me on any given day, sometimes though I have to sit back and shake my head. To protect the innocent I'm not going to go into who actually had enough time to go to this kind of effort but needless to say I don't think I'll be running around disseminating this announcement to the industry at large. Formal press releases are ideally suitable for announcing official news like contract wins, key hires, an acquisition, new product launch etc... sorry but getting a GISP, hiring a new GIS analyst, yadayada simply isn't big news. I'll be really curious to actually see which "publications" actually report on this one as "news"

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