October 16, 2007

GISuser newsletter for Oct 16, 2007

Sorry to ping this but looks like our newsletter blasting service is under repair today so there's a slight delay.. FYI, the latest edition of the newsletter can be found online at http://www.gisuser.com/newsletter/oct162007.html

From this edition: ... the Smartphoneshow is underway in London, the Where2.0 call for action has been announced, CTIA is just around the corner, and the news simply won't slow down! If mobile is your thing then the symbian lovefest taking place in the UK is what you want to be following. Just today S60 has announced that the Symbian Os has added a touch UI... this is huge as symbian will now be able to offer the funky touch UI that Apple has made popular with the iPhone. Google maps has now been integrated into the Symbian OS which will make it much easier for developers using the Open environment to port their google mashups and other LBS apps to mobile... essentially its a free, native Symbian C++ version of Google Maps for mobile... this is huge! I could go on and on but you can catch all the Symbian related news over at LBSzone or in the SymbianOne coverage. In the news, congrats to DigitalGlobe as the first images from WorldView 1 have been made available. Also under the topic of new... di u know that you can view uTube vids within Google Earth now? Check it out under the featured content layers. Finally, congrats go out to Ted Florence, president of Avenza Systems Inc., who was recently elected to the IMTA Board of Directors . Oh, one last thing... on Friday I realized there was a new Google maps mobile client so I downloaded it and tested it out on a symbian device... it's awesome! (see more here).

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