October 30, 2007

Go Google, Linux, or Open source or go home! Google tops wireless application developers for LBS apps

Interesting research findings today as a New Evans Data Survey Shows Google is the first choice among wireless developers for developing location-enhanced apps. The survey, which was conducted worldwide in September, showed that 38.4 percent of developers preferred using Google technologies for location based development. The closest competitors were Microsoft followed by Nokia. This quote from the report is a testatament as why I'm always touting mobile applications to the Geo developer community... “Given that there will be approximately three billion mobile phone subscribers by end of 2007, Google sees tremendous potential in further extending their presence with content aimed squarely at this market.” Think about the third screen because its rapidly becoming the first screen! Another interesting finding from the study reports that almost two-thirds (60.5%) of wireless developers plan to be using open source or Linux-specific tools to build applications for mobile devices in the next year. See www.evansdata.com - see also www.lbszone.com for the latest on LBS

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