October 12, 2007

Google Maps Mobile updated at 1.70.2- now running on my Nokia N95

A quick technorati search today seemed to indicate to me that Google Maps Mobile has received some kind of update - although I can't find any definite validation of this. According to some blogs, Google maps mobile has been optimized to run much better on Symbian S60 smartphones (think Nokia N95) So, curiosity got the better of me and I ran to grab it... I currently run Nokia Maps which comes "stock" on the N95. I go to http://www.google.com/mobile/gmm/index.html and then register for the latest download. I then get a txt message where I can grab the app (you gotta love all you can eat data plans ;0) I downloaded gmaps mobile (1.7) and loaded her up. The app started me off in London (why??) but then I simply requested that my location be updated.. low and behold in about 2 seconds the map centers on my current position (likely grabbed from cell fix). Then I browse around, switch to satellite image mode, and then even viewed current traffic conditions on I-25 - something that's crucial here as it can easily be a parking lot! I test the search and it works very well... simply put, the latest Google maps mobile on Symbian S60 is freaking awesome! Its fast, intelligent, and it works! I'll be testing some more this week-end so stay tuned. Screen shots and more details are now up on the flickr - see http://www.flickr.com/photos/gisuser/sets/72157602390210155/

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