October 02, 2007

Microsoft Virtual Earth adds 10TB of new imagery

Not to be outdone... Microsoft has added loads of new imagery (like 10TB worth!) to the Virtual Earth library including obliques, 3D, and orthos. Via way of the MS VE blog (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/) we see that the following areas now have updated imagery.. enjoy!
New / Updated cities in 3D
Augusta, GA
Denver, CO
Avondale, AZ
Gilbert, AZ
Glendale, AZ
Mesa, AZ
Peoria, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Tempe, AZ
Tuscon, AZ
Fort Worth (West), TX
Chicago, IL
Coral Springs, FL,
Nashville Opry, TN

New / Update Oblique Imagery (Bird's Eye)
New York / Newark, NY/NJ
Los Angeles / Long Beach / Huntington Beach, CA
Chicago, IL
Philadelphia, PA
Phoenix, AZ
San Diego / Oceanside, CA
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
Miami, FL
Boston, MA
Seattle, WA
Houston, TX
Denver, CO
Las Vegas, NV
Portland, OR
Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN
Ft. Worth, TX
Sacramento, CA
Atlanta, GA
Detroit, MI
Baltimore, MD
Austin, TX
Jacksonville, FL
Indianapolis, IN
Tampa, FL
St. Petersburg, FL
Milwaukee, WI
New Orleans, LA
Orlando, FL
Birmingham, AL
Cincinatti, OH
Niagara Falls / Buffalo, NY
Eastbourne, United Kingdom
Gloucester, United Kingdom
Swindon, United Kingdom
Bristol, United Kingdom
Cardiff, United Kingdom
Wolver hampton, United Kingdom
North Hampton, United Kingdom
Plymouth, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom
Rome, Italy
Berlin, Germany

New Orthos (Ultracam)
Glendale, AZ
Tempe, AZ
Mesa, AZ
Glendale, CA
Orlando, FL
Coral Springs, FL
Miami, FL
Orlando International, FL
Tallahassee, FL
Atlanta, GA
Augusta, GA
Chicago, IL
Oak Park, IL
Springfield, MA
Worcester, MA
Detroit, MI
Gresham, OR
Providence, RI
Mt. Rushmore, SD
Sturgis, SD
Rapid City, SD
Nashville Opry, TN
Knoxville, TN
Fort Worth (West), TX
Fort Worth, TX
Liverpool, Great Britain
Vannes, France
Lachine, Canada
Edmonton, Canada

1 comment:

nico said...

Why does it seem like all the Virtual Earth imagery is providing coverage in wealthy nations? THere is quite of bit of high res (finer than 10m) GoogleEarth imagery in the 3rd world. Any comparisons available of high res imagery by country?