October 25, 2007

more on data resources for San Diego area wildfires

I received a message from sean in response to the earlier post I did about the San Diego data. Sean shares this with us regarding making data available concerning the San Diego fires. "We've been pulling together a good chunk of data on our end and I just posted up a blog entry with a list of what is currently up. See HERE
We are also working on an atlas page to provide some context and mashups for the data. We should have that up if not tomorrow over the weekend. The community has been uploading data into GeoCommons tagged as "San Diego fire". If people need a central place to make data accessible we are happy to host and convert it. You can dump KML, shapefiles or GeoRSS in. Hopefully it will be a helpful asset. Part of the motivation for GeoCommons was the volunteer work we did during Hurricane Katrina so hopefully it can be helpful this time around." See also here

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