October 17, 2007

new features available in Arc2Earth V2

An update has been released for the popular Arc2Earth. The following enhancements are now supported:
New Formats - KML, KMZ, GeoRSS (Simple), GeoRSS (GML), GeoJson
Saved target location for automated exports
File Comments - Add custom comments or copyright to every file created
Atom Name and Link Support
Amazon S3 Storage - Store all of your exported files on S3 automatically
KML 2.2 Schema Support
Additional labeling options
Field Formatting using ArcMap's built-in support
Custom Time Formats for KML TimeStamps
KML Region Support (Vector, Raster and Vector Data as Raster Tiles)
Extra KML - Add custom KML tags to export (Document and Individual Layers) Many bug fixes
and much more
See http://www.Arc2Earth.com

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