October 11, 2007

Rockies or Diamond Backs... NLCS finally is rolling!

The NLCS (National league Champ. Series) is finally getting going tonight with game #1 in Arizona. James and maybe a couple of others would like to think that the Diamond Backs may win (LO), however, most of us here on the front range no better and the Rockies will likely keep their streak rolling - after all, they are the hottest team in all of the MLB. So, what's your thought on NLCS... feel free to chime in on the poll.. James, please don't be sitting there clicking and voting all day long ;0) Obviously I'm down with the Rockies and we're all hoping here that a Rocks / Red Sox series should take place later in October.. nice!

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Anonymous said...

Go Rockies! A Red Sox - Rockies world series would be nothing short of incredible.