October 08, 2007

Share your content in a Mobile friendly manner with MOSH

A tip... Have you MOSHed yet? MOSH (stands for mobilize and share) is an application just out from Nokia. It enables users to explore and share mobile friendly content. The app is optimized for mobile use although you can use it with your PC as well very comfortably. Simply create a profile and then upload photos, videos, games, documents, applications (i.e. demo ware) etc... its an awesome way to share your content with a HUGE community of mobile users. At first you may wonder why bother, although if you've ever struggled to get data onto your phone you may like this one. For example, you could create a PDF or Word version of your resume and add it as one of your documents.. then while on the road if you ever want your resume, want to send it to someone etc... you can simply send it to your phone or anyone's device for that matter... its very cool!  MOSH is free and you don't have to have a NOKIA smartphone to use it.. any web-enabled device that can hit the Internet will work just fine. Check out my MOSH at http://mosh.nokia.com/user/gisuser

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