October 04, 2007

Use your Nokia N95 or other location-enabled smartphone to send a TIK via Locatik

Tik is the name given to the piece of information you send using your phone. It is in this piece that information concerning your location is contained.  Locatik is a free service which allows you to display your current position. The service consists of two fundamental elements. First of which is a small phone application you will be asked to install on your device after registering on the Locatik web site, which in turn is the second element. The phone application sends your current position to Locatik servers (in the form of tiny reports we call Tiks) however only when you want it to do so. Locatik is currently in an invite only Beta mode.. or you can ask them nicely if you can join! Of note, Locatik uses the Google MAps API to drive the Map interface...See  http://www.locatik.com/

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