October 11, 2007

Where is Location Based Technology Heading? Where 2.0 wants to know

Looks like Brady and the gang at O'reilly are ramping up already with another way cool Where2.0.. not familiar with it? Well, if your interested in geospatial technologies, the web at 2.0, and the direction of location technologies, social networking and other cool technologies then this is a must attend... I've been to the last 2 events and I wouldn't miss this one! This from the latest announcement:
What are the technology-leading innovations you are working on late into the night? If you are working in the following areas, we want to hear from you:

Open Source Geo-Stack
Real Time Data
Disaster Relief/Environment/NGOs
Crowd Sourced Data
Virtual Worlds
See more in the PR or jump to http://conferences.oreilly.com/where - note a venue change this year as the conference is located n Burlingame, CA (that's near San Fran!)

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