November 08, 2007

CAG promotes Geography awareness week - Nov 12-16, 2007

From CAG (Canadian Associaltion of Geographers) an update on AW. November 12-16, 2007 - Geography Awareness Week is held in a number of countries around the world, but from November 12-16, 2007 Canada will be the first country to dedicate special days to a topic of national interest. Each Day is on a topic that directly affects all Canadians.

Weather & Climate Day - Monday, November 12
Water Day - Tuesday, November 13
GIS Day - Wednesday, November 14
Transportation Day - Thursday, November 15
Food & Health Day - Friday, November 16

Also, the 2007 GIS-Transportation Poster Competition - Transport 2000 Canada is hosting the GIS-Transportation Poster Competition, assisted by the Laboratory for Applied Geomatics and Geographic Information Systems Science, University of Ottawa.

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