November 16, 2007

ExploreThe Earth With Earthcomber - Local, Mobile Search Done Right!

Nokia N95 Suggested Application... I recently added a nifty location-aware search application to my mobile device (Nokia N95) which I discovered via the Nokia Content Discoverer ... aka. content downloader application. Earthcomber enables local search and takes advantage of the built-in GPS that comes with the Nokia N95. Read on for more on this cool, must-have mobile application for anyone who's using a GPS smartphone like the N95, N82, or E90

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Chris said...

If you like Earthcomber on the phone, check out our app on the web. Just go to and click on "Try it Now!". It'll direct you to our web app that's currently in Beta. We'd love to hear what you like and what you don't like about our app. There's a Feedback link within the app and on our main site. Constructive criticism from fellow technology enthusiasts helps us make a better experience and product for you - the users. Thanks!