November 30, 2007

Geographic Calculator 7.0 - the company's biggest product update - 3500 pre-defined coordinate definitions and more!

Patrick Cunningham President of Blue Marble Geographics shares details of the company's latest news today... this comes in the release of their Geographic Calculator at R 7.0 - according to Patrick... "Calculator is the product this company was founded on in 1993 and this is the most comprehensive update in it's history" obviously this release is a big one! Details here

New features of Geographic Calculator 7.0 include:

· Administrative tools for quality assurance, enabling “lock-down” of a particular data source, securing true definitions and avoiding data corruption

· Administrative tools for filtering objects so that users only see the objects their administrator chooses

· Datum Shift envelopes that can be used to assign the appropriate datum shift for a particular geographic envelope

· Direct connection to the new OGP WRS Registry Dataset (the online version of the EPSG database) which is used as a standard for the Oil & Gas Exploration industry

· Administrative controls that offer managers the ability to select a specific datum transformation method when converting coordinates between two coordinate systems, whether the system is WGS84, or any other system

· Read and write to all ODBC databases including MS Access, Oracle, MySql, Sql Server and others

· Updated file support for all the major GIS and CAD formats, as well as new GML support

Congrats to Patrick and the team - see

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