November 15, 2007

Local Pizza Search - loads of hype but a little Cheezy!

Is there really a business model in searching for Pizza?? Thanks Adena for picking up on this "news" about a local search designed to connect people to pizza joints near them.. too bad the results are, well... crappy, to say the least! The company even went as far and issued a press release that even promoted this ... is leading the way in search technology! Sorry, but I have at least 5 mobile local search applications that give me way better results that this application so how they manage to lead the space is of interest to me! If I want to locate pizza, chances are I want to do it from my phone... I can easily use Google mobile search, Google 411 (free calling service) and excellent local search tools and widgets from the likes of boopsie, earthcomber, gmaps mobile, nokia maps WHERE search widgets and many others. Like Adena, the results I got were, well, od to say the least.. the top results are not close to me and the distance provided was not accurate, many results all being 3.6 miles away when I know some of them are less than 2 miles, others more than 7 miles away! The idea of just searching for a particular style is cool.. ie. New York but until there's more community feedback I really don't see this as being very useful - try for yourself at

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