November 01, 2007

More on Dustin Moskovitz (facebook founder) comments including a prediction on Google and the gPhone perhaps?

At CTIA Wireless IT recently, facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz was on stage and left us with an interesting message as he closed his keynote session. The message to developers from facebook - The key to opportunity is openness. Makes sense and truly, words of wisdom. However, get this... As the session came near the end Moskovitz offered up some advice to those looking to build on or extend facebook. Faster has met smaller; we have better battery power, access to carrier data networks, WiFi, hardware convergence… this is indeed your opportunity to be disruptive. It’s was then interesting to note that Moskovitz then dropped a line that in February 08 Apple will release their SDK opening up development on their mobile platform - no doubt we'll see facebook mobile on Win Mobile 6 devices just like we now see on Blackberry devices (FYI, Blackberry is the device of choice for moskovitz and crew). But get this... "Also in 2008 Google will do something and its going to be big and it will be open!" Any ideas??? I see that many people are on the rampage again blogging about the gPhone... will it come? My bet... indeed it will. Google is likely throwing their hat in next year's wireless spectrum auction, Google search, google maps, and gmail are becoming must-have apps on ALL mobile devices so whay wouldn't google want to provide the spectrum, the bandwidth, the hardware, the APIs and the advertisements for all mobile device users?

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Fun said...

I just find it very odd that Google is trying to put his hand on whatever is a the top there but it is giving SEO a hard time right now.