November 05, 2007

OpenSocial and the movement towards open APIs

An interesting read (as ususal) on Tim O'reilly's blog today with his take on OpenSocial and other related goodies - Tim uses this point to comment interestingly on Marc Cuban's take on an open facebook API VS OpenSocial - Cuban is a little whacked really when he goes off with quotes like "The beauty of Facebook, as opposed to Myspace and other social networks is that the people on there are for the most part who they say they are"... huh? Hey Marc, I'd jump to LinkedIn if you really want to see who people really are! Regardless, the need for an open social network API is definitly there. Gee, I look at the grief I go through wondering where I should post my thoughts etc... depending if I want to share location information, photos, video, or ?? that will then determine which app I use... to date I'm choosing from Jaiku, Twitter, Platial, Frappr, facebook, myspace, flickr, youtube, socialight, blogger, MOSH and a few others...

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