November 08, 2007

Simple Web Mapping with the new HTML ImageMapper NG – AJAX

Imagine being able to do all your analysis and cartography in ArcView of ArcGIS and then get your map online in minutes with no programming and no hassles... even I can do it ;0) I've been a big fan of Alta Geomatics' solutions for years... ever since I tested the ImageMapper for ArcView! You only need ArcGIS and the HTML ImageMapper extension to publish maps online. Users do all the cartography in ArcGIS. You don't need to be a system or server administrator or a programmer to publish your maps online. No software needs to be installed on the server.
No plug-ins are needed on the client's browser.

The latest release offersa feature rich HTML Map Client. The following is just some of the funtionality that's provided:

Overview map (naviagable)
Zoom in and out
Advanced search function: search and compare values
Display attribute tables
Object lists grouped by layer
Dashboard: collect and store results temporarly
Gamestyle navigation: Navigate with the overview map
Click and identify objects
Let the attributes be displayed dynamically within the map
Collect attribute data on the dashboard
Navigation by compass rose
Zoom to objects from a list
Export a legend from ArcGIS
Link to a database (programming required)
Search for objects over all attribute data
Scale bar, legend, customizable overview map, display coordinates
Print attribute data and search result lists
Include copyright and author information

Fast, simple web mapping at your fingertips! See

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