November 29, 2007

Take your Geolocated photos into Google Maps via Geo-RSS with ease!

This may be old-school for some of you, others will appreciate this simple tip. If you use a GPS-enabled cameraphone (like the Nokia N95, N82, Nokia Navigator etc...) then you can easily post your photos to flickr or other online services (use a tool like Shozu to help with this). But did you know that Flickr creates a Geo-rSS feed from your photo stream? Even better, you can simply copy and paste your Geo-RSS feed location into the google maps search bar and voila... your photos are now available via Google maps to share with others, save to your mymaps or whatever the heck you want to do. Simply look at the bottom of your flickr page, you'll see options like RSS, GeoFeed and KML - yes you can easily open your photos in Google Earth too! See my stream in Gmaps here.

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