November 14, 2007

Terabytes of Ready-to-Use Data for ArcGIS Server - Data Appliance

This out of Redlands today... ArcGIS Data Appliance combines data and hardware that easily connects to an organization's existing IT infrastructure. Multiple divisions, departments, and client applications are now able to efficiently share a common information architecture and set of mapping and visualization services and combine those with a user's own data. Users can also add their own tasks and fuse them with content from ArcGIS Data Appliance to conduct visibility modeling, proximity search, or demographic analysis.

The data collections include

World Collection—Includes satellite imagery for the world down to 15-meter resolution and a seamless world street map with highway-level data plus shaded relief imagery, physical and topographic maps, and a political atlas map for the world.
USA Prime Imagery Collection—Comprises more than eight terabytes of data and includes a seamless mosaic of 1-meter resolution or better aerial imagery as well as detailed topographic maps down to 1:24,000 scale for the contiguous United States along with satellite imagery for the world at 500-meter and 15-meter resolutions for display at smaller scales. The high-resolution imagery is a color mosaic of commercial and government imagery sources including recent submeter commercial imagery for many metropolitan areas and the best available government imagery for other areas.
USA Imagery Collection—Includes an offering similar to the USA Prime Imagery Collection in a dataset that is more than six terabytes, with 1-meter resolution imagery from the best available government sources and detailed topographic maps but without the recent submeter commercial imagery for metropolitan areas.
USA Street Map Collection—Provides a seamless, multiscale street map for the United States and parts of Canada, including transportation data designed for viewing over detailed imagery, and a complete world street map with highway-level data and other reference data.
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