November 21, 2007

WeoGeo creates a one-stop marketplace (Maps 2.0) for mapping Developed using Amazon Web Services

Kudos to the crew at WeoGeo for scoring a big win as a finalist in the Amazon AWS Start-Up Challenge. WeoGeo creates a one-stop marketplace for mapping using Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3. WeoGeo supplies surveyors, engineers, cartographers, and scientists with the ability to conveniently store, search, and exchange high-resolution CAD and GIS mapping products. Mappers easily list their data for sale and researchers quickly find the data they need. About WeoGeo... WeoGeo's community features provide mapmakers with a place to congregate like never before. WeoGeo Blogs, for the free sharing of stories and ideas. WeoGeo Forums, for the discussion of all things geospatial. Even the WeoGeo Wiki, a community-built collection of industry information.

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Paul Bissett said...

Thanks for the kudos! I hope we have more news in a couple of weeks! :)