November 10, 2007

Will Google Maps at the pump attract your business?

Enter Google local search and maps at the pump... essentially it's Maps, local listings, driving directions, coupons and more while you fuel up. No doubt you've already heard about this but here's the skinny in case you want more details... in North Carolina drivers can now get access to Google maps, find local listings, and print driving directions and money-saving coupons from Gilbarco’s Encore® dispensers with color screens using what's know as the Applause™ media system. Using live web connectivity this means that Joe consumer will also be served useful, relevant, geo-centric coupons. According to the company's website, Applause™ is an extension of Gilbarco’s existing SMART Merchandising™ System for providing promotions, advertisements, and coupons at the fuel dispenser. The system was first displayed to the public at the 2007 NACS Show, November 7 – 9, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. So, will google maps and coupons send you to the pump? Personaly price is what determines where I fuel up.. for example, I get 10 cents p/gallon off all purchases at a local supermarket who already has the lowest price as a rule... as for gogolemaps, directions etc... I can get that on my mobile (Nokia N95) anytime any place! See for more.

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