December 12, 2007

ArcPad 7.1 now available

Finally, it's here! In version 7.1, the ArcPad object model has been updated to support data relationship rules and includes improved data management tools. (Note: ArcPad Application Builder 7.1 is sold separately)

ArcPad 7.1 includes the following enhancements:
· out-of-the-box solutions to view and edit relational databases in the field
· QuickProject—A simple data template to capture various geographic features and help both new and experienced users become immediately productive
· StreetMap extension—Includes the most recent North American street map data from Tele Atlas, providing geocoding, routing functionalities, and a preconfigured basemap for users at no additional cost
· Enhanced query capabilities—Includes a query builder and query forms that support predefined, customized queries
· ArcPad Data Manager extension for ArcGIS Desktop—Interactive tools in ArcMap and ArcPad that allow simple automation of field workflows and easier management of mobile GIS project deployments

To try a fully functional evaluation copy of ArcPad 7.1, visit The ArcPad Application Builder 7.1 update will be shipped automatically to customers who are current on maintenance without additional cost. Users who have purchased ArcPad 7.0.1 since October 22, 2007, will be eligible for a free upgrade to ArcPad 7.1.


Anonymous said...

Anybody successfully download this? I'm getting a dead link to the zip archive.

Anonymous said...

We experienced a server issue on when we uploaded the 7.1 download files yesterday. This was resolved within an hour or so and all files should be ready to download now. Please try again and my apologies for the inconvenience.

Jennifer Jacob
ESRI - ArcPad Product Marketing