December 19, 2007

For Sale... The world's largest topographical map of British Columbia

Oh man, the perfect Christmas gift for the GIS user that has everything, a topo map Measuring 12 metres by 23 metres... Yes indeed, recall that massive 3D topo map of British Columbia that was the focal point of a museum (for a short time) and was also featured in the Sail area at the 2006 ESRI User Conference... well, it can be all yours if you have some green, otherwise it's destined for the trash heap! This from the Globe & Mail:

The map, installed in Victoria's historic Crystal Garden 18 months
ago as part of the ill-fated BC Experience tourist attraction, has to
be moved to make way for a convention centre project in the
80-year-old heritage building.

"It has to move in order for us to start renovations on the
facility," city communications manager Katie Josephson said. "The map
can be landfilled, but that's not our first choice. Our hope is
there's somebody out there that may have an interest or be able to
find space for it."

Measuring 12 metres by 23 metres, the $90,000, high-density
polyurethane map formed the centrepiece of the BC Experience when the
$12-million private venture opened its doors in June, 2006.

Image of BC Experience map captured by G. Letham ( at ESRI User Conference

FYI, The map's maker, California-based Solid Terrain Modelling, was among dozens of unsecured creditors who walked away empty-handed when the BC Experience closed last fall.
See The Globe & Mail

This may be a dumb statement, but isn't there some public building in British Columbia (like a School, Airport, Museum, Government building etc...) that could be a good home for this piece??

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