December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Dunno when I'll be posting over the next week but I'm sure I'll be dropping tidbits every now and then... until then, I'll wish everyone celebrating Christmas a very Merry Christmas... if you take offense to that, maybe your celebrating something else, or simply not celebrating then Happy Holiday to you and yours... have a good one!
Merry Christmas to you if Christmas is your thing!

Happy Holidays if Christmas isn't your thing!

Happy gaming if you happen to be a gaming type waiting for the N-Gage service to launch!

Have fun at the beach if you're lucky enough to have flown south for the winter!

Happy Festivus if you're planning on putting up a Festivus Pole this year!

or... Best Wishes if you happen to simply be a GISer glad to have a few days off... enjoy!

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