December 13, 2007

A holiday tip - the Sony PSP, extended warranties, and rugged options

A quick holiday tip for anyone out there thinking of putting a Sony PSP under the tree for a loved one this year. My son picked one up a couple of months ago (saved his own money for one) anyway, after about 3 weeks of use he dropped it in his room and the screen shattered... apparently they are very prone to broken screens when not handled delicately - ya right, like a 12 year old boy handles anything with care! Anyway, I'm a huge fan of saying a big NO to the extended warranty.. what a rip off that is! However, in this case, with this product it may be worth the extra $30... consider this as an option. If not, then definitely get a wrist strap, or even better, see if you can locate a rugged case to hold the device.. perhaps otterbox (right here in Ft Collins) has one. Some food for thought. PS... if anyone has a tip on a simple way to repair teh screen please feel free to share details!

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Anonymous said...

Similar thing happened to my son, but with a cool new cell phone. First phone had a full warranty. He busted it. Got 2nd phone of same make/model. Busted second phone.

Nice to have a replacement, but a person (in this case, me) has to deal with the calls/paperwork of getting that replacement - hassle.

Then I said I am purchasing a crappy used phone for you with no insurance. You break it, you figure out how to get another one. The phone is still functioning.

One option: kid comes up with the cash for item, you come up with the warranty. And if kid breaks it - he makes the calls and does the paperwork to get the replacement!