December 18, 2007

Mainstreet GIS and Municipal site hosting

An interesting company that I just ran into (never heard of them before) at MainStreetGIS... the crew seems to offer a hosted GIS solution for local government - similar to the awesome solutions from Latitude Geographics I would assume... from the company " An online GIS hosting service that provides parcel searches, property information, and an intuitive web application for GIS map browsing over the internet. Your town can be online in one week" licensing starts at about $2500 a year. Unfortunately the company has no "about" section on their website - a MUST have in my mind - and they don't list the address either so I have no idea where they are located, although their fax line has a 309 extension, wherever that may be - see


David said...

Ok Glenn..

Time for a gratuitous plug!! My company "GeoPrise" also provides GIS hosting services!!

Nothing else to see... back to your mindless surfing!!


Anonymous said...

Please visit the MainStreetGIS site again to view the About section.