December 10, 2007

Some Interesting Numbers and Stats gathered at Nokia World 2007

Interesting Numbers from Nokia World 2007

one quarter (1/4) - Recent research findings by Nokia have shown that within 5 years time more than one quarter of all consumed media will be created within the mobile user community where it is then distributed, shared, edited within the user community – think collaborative, social media.

1 - #1... One place to connect, manage, and share... OVI!

2.0 - Access your services and relationships.. Leading web2.0 serice providers are taking part in ovi.. youtube, flickr, facebook…

4 - Enter the 4th screen

5 - Nokia currently has 5 devices shipping with integrated GPS

10 - Nokia has plans in 2008 to add 10 new GPS-enabled devices

25 - Nokia predicts 25% of entertainment by 2012 will be created and consumed within peer communities

31 - WLAN users - 31%

39 - Nokia enjoys a 39% market share

54 - Nokia's new green packaging uses 54% less materials

57 - some 57% of those reserached by CitiBank are interested in mobile payment - 50% of users would consider switching carriers in order to have access to this service.

60 - s60 is THE power-user and platform

66 - there are now 66 S60 devices that have shipped

81 - 81% of users polled use their phone for web browsing

85 - some 85% of the materials in new "green" phones like the 3110 evolve can be reclaimed.

1000 - new mobile users per minute!

1000 - Internet radio is to be integrated into a seamless experience – with more than 1000 radio stations available to users

3000 - More than 3000 registered attendees in Amsterdam taking in Nokia World 2007... this up from 40 attendees of the first event.

3310.. part of the essentials segment.. has all the functionality people need but also made responsible with recycled material… more green devices will come as well.

9,000 - research took place between July and September 2007. 9,000 consumers, who are active users of technology and own a mobile device [not restricted to Nokia] aged 16-35 were questioned. Of the 9,000 consumers we surveyed:
- 23% buy movies in digital format
- 35% buy music on MP3 files
- 25% buy music on mobile devices
- 39% watch TV on the internet
- 23% watch TV on mobile devices
- 46% regularly use IM, 37% on a mobile device
- 29% regularly blog
- 28% regularly access social networking sites
- 22% connect using technologies such as Skype
- 17% take part in Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games
- 17% upload to the internet from a mobile device

10,000 - Viewright streaming mobile video application, runner up in Open C challenge involved 10,000 lines of code written in 3 months time by Steve Delaney, Carlsbad, CA

37,000 - if 100 million mobile device users switched to energy efficient models, the energy savings could power some 37,000 homes!

Millions - Nokia Comes With Music. This is not a streaming service but all the songs are there for users. Too good to be true!! Millions of songs available to all users any time any place!

5,000,000 - more than 5 million apps are downloaded per month via Nokia content download

100,000,000 - Anticipating what’s next from the users… recall 2001 in Barcelona... since then more than 100 million devices shipped.

200,000,000 - a key milestone was recently reached as the number of feature-rich “power” device users (aka. The S60 segment) surpassed the 200 million mark.

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