December 18, 2007

WhereBoutz... a cool concept, too bad the mobile client doesn't exist

Just went to load up the whereboutz application (nice name although I want to keep typing and saying WhereAboutz...) - I heard about it on facebook as a contact (James Fee) had loaded it. On the surface it looks quite cool.. using your mobile you can send updates about, well, your whereaboutz... the map is updated on your facebook, suing Google maps... quite cool. Here's the problem though... I have the app loaded on facebook just fine, however, loading it on my mobile is another story. So, upon further investigation I read the following disclaimer...You need a Java (J2ME) enabled phone - OK, that's fine as most people have Java enabled devices.. then I read this... BREW, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian, and iPhone devices are NOT supported at this time... ok, you can pick yourself up off the ground from laughing now! Are you freaking kidding me??? What kind of devices does this app support??? Hey developer, maybe offer up support for at least a couple of the most widely used devices on the planet and maybe your app will get some uptake... Thanks James for leading me to the facebook app! FYI, you can grab the app on your mobile from (although T-Mobile isn't supported at this time!) Check out Whereboutz for yourself at good luck getting it mobilized

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Anonymous said...

I think that's WhereAbootz north of 49, eh!